I understand it is simple to expose your database through web services with whichever framework/language you want, but it is possible to really quick tool with this task in programming space? (ie, without depending on the particular database vendor tool, like Oracle's ones)

Some background. I've got a couple of tables during my design files and all sorts of I would like would be to result in the data available through Relaxation services (with some authentication/authorization). I'd rather not manage the database manually - ie with CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE - neither writing migration files: the runtime is going to do this the very best it may. Also, the runtime will create the JSON/XML in certain automagic way by taking advantage of the request

All programming languages will suit - Java, Groovy, Scala, Python, Ruby, take your pick - and thus do all frameworks/runtimes.

I believe this can be a not unheard of problem, but I'd take hrs to resolve it - and so i think I am missing something and that i hope there's a method to accomplish this in minutes or possibly seconds :) Indeed, these appears repetitive tasks that may be automated

EDIT I understand you will find Grails, Lift, Rails, Django, Code Igniter and so forth :) I'm able to do a google search myself, really! I wish to determine if there's a pre built software stack to get this done tasks with very little configuration with no time! Essentially I am searching for a method to accelerate the phase between your design and also the integration along with other software - since we're speaking of web services, not human connects - and so i need opinions by individuals who really be aware of tool they're speaking about and may condition "with MightyFramework you receive this in half an hour and 20 lines of code"

I recommend you take a look at Grails framework. It offers from box support for coming back json/xml. Also, subjecting Peaceful web service is easy.

If you wish to be DBMS agnostic then you will most likely finish up utilizing an ORM tool, like Hibernate, possibly using hibernate-tools to create classes out of your tables. After you have these classes, you'd use JAXB to serialize these to json and xml and RestEasy for everyone that RESTfully.

You could utilize Django. I've not tried on the extender a great deal myself, however when I attempted it, virtually everything Used to do was shockingly simple related to this framework. It appeared very simplistic but nonetheless very flexible and effective. I'd presume you will find a lot of caveats that may appear over time if you wish to make a move a bit more advanced, however i certainly recommend checking it.

Among the highlights is fully automatic database management - all you want do in order to persist an item instance would be to save() it. If your table for such objects doesn't already exist, it's produced quickly. Loading objects from database is every bit simple.