What's your favourite Java orientated website? Could be forum, news, podcast or any kind of site as lengthy because it is concerning the Java programming language. All flavours of Java should be thought about SE, EE and ME.

The serverside - not strictly java though, it's Java EE.

http://java.dzone.com/ (also known as "Javalobby"). Includes a neat interface, generally just an aggregator of developer links and articles much like digg.

You are making me understand that I do not visit java sites any longer :(

+1 for Theserver side.

Still Sun's for that "Featured content" section: http://java.sun.com/

Some positive thing originate from these:



Sun.com (and Java.com) is a I finish up at most ...

Java Practices is certainly my personal favorite. I additionally like Java Ranch for Java-specific information (browse the Large Moose Saloon)

I love InfoQ. Not just Java, but additionally plus some good agile, SOA and Ruby news.



Both of them are up-to-date frequently and also have good quality articles.

A little available is Bile Blog. Quite strong language, and also the guy appears to savor being questionable but sometimes there's wheat within the chaff

Not only Java but plenty of good links at http://jarpit.com.

I blogged some Java assets some time back with a stuff outdoors what's been pointed out here: Favorite Java resources.

One of the couple of Java related sites I really frequent (besides SO) is Serta Dyer's blog, 'New Adventures in Software'.

Largely Java stuff, but in no way restricted to it. This is not a particularly active blog though.

Think mine is Java2s.com, although it is not only Java. They've an incredible archieve of clips, organized in perfection, which serves great when you really need to find information about things fast.

JavaRanch. You will find forums where one can request questions the ones are usually useful.

Note: I am a moderator on JavaRanch.