Using FCKeditor (2.6.5) After I make use of the upload feature it functions as though it's labored (no errors) but doesn't upload personal files. I'm able to view other files within the upload folder using the file manager which i ftp in and may also create folders with fck.

Any ideas?

Perhaps you have checked the FCKeditor configuration apply for the right values, and also have you place permissions within the upload folder to become writable for whatever process is running the upload script?

Been through this myself. Key ended up being to to put a mistake handler round the PHP FckEditor FileUpload function in which the famous "move_submitted_file" function call is situated. For me personally it had been a permissions problem so that the procedure to which php runs was without write permission into my web server possessed destination file directory. In order I do not have admin towards the server I'd two options, give enough permissions so that php could email it (begin with full and prove it really works) then wynd it back OR next use PHP ftp functions copying the file from the temp place to the get married server possessed directory. They key is by using exactly the same ftp user you utilize to upload your internet content.