I must understand how achievable is Joomla or Drupal towards an internet site development that has around 80 webpages? I am a part-time website designer who a little of server finish development too using PHP and Python/Django. However, i have not attempted creating a website of the scale. There's lots of static content on this web site plus some user interactions using JS/JQuery. The only real PHP used would connect forms. Relaxation could be only HTML/CSS/JS. As there's large amount of text information to become coded in to the webpages i must understand how Joomla or Drupal would assist me to?



If you use Cms, you don't have to use code to create content, that's exactly what the Content management systems is perfect for. If your internet site is purely static quite happy with a message form, Drupal is probably not the best option unless of course.

  • You know Drupal.
  • You need to learn to make sites with Drupal.

Drupal is extremely effective, it's very flexible along with a great framework. But it arrives with an expense, it's harder to understand. If you want to create a site with 80 or even more pages along with a contact page, you will in all probability be superior of with Wordpress. It's simpler and userfriendly. It isn't an excellent development framework like Drupal, but when you simply require a contact page and content, you will not require a development framework anyways.

Drupal is fairly powerfull if this involves content management content management. 80 pages is actually nothing. You are able to sort everything easily with built-in Taxonomy-module(employed for categorys, marking, ...) as well as create own shows using the Sights module. Due to CCK, you may make as numerous different content types you would like, with a myriad of input options(wysiwig text, choose lists, checkboxes, files, ...). For that contact page you simply make use of the built-in one or make use of the Webform-module.

I dout you will need to inflict coding with this, but beware, drupal is very large and you could have a while to experience how it works and just how to set up. Once done however, it's all regulated very smooth :)

Haven't labored with Joomla yet, can't assist you to there, however, you might wanna google "drupal versus joomla" or similiar, there's lots of articles. From what I have read, Drupal can perform more, but Joomla' simpler to understand.