I've got a WordPress based site along with a Facebook fanpage. I wish to include my website Feed towards the page, within the FBML tab. I attempted some JSs, but individuals did not work. How do i do that? I would like my RSS turns up inside a Static FBML tab, not within the note.

Thanks ahead of time.

This really is really pretty straightforward to complete--what you will need to do is produce a new application for that fanpage and hang that it is a Page Tab. After that, you could have it simply load a webpage in your server being an iframe.

Granted, you will need to setup something similar to MagpieRSS to be able to be read off that page, but it is really quite simple if you are not searching to push wall posts.

I am carrying this out in PHP:

     $doc = new DOMDocument();

      foreach ($doc->getElementsByTagName('item') as $node) {
do things with the item

PHP Code:

Download the zip file here (88kb):
consists of:
- index.php
// open in text-editor and edit url at the end to suggest for your Wordpress feed url
example: getPostFeedRSS("http://www.mysite.com/wordpress-rss2.php")

You may also adding your personal custom-designed output.
(includes the SimplePie feed readers class, distributed underneath the GNU license).
Upload these aimed at your website.

Create an Application in Facebook designers:
-iframe application
Choose the Website Landing Page Application option at the end.
Set the web siteOrfabric hyperlink to this above index.php page in your website.
Visit the Applications profile page, and click on the Increase my Page link located on the left.
Add the Application for your Page, then inside your Page Edit options, set this application because the default website landing page for the page.