Im a new comer to web development and design so apologize ahead of time if now you ask , redundant.

I've got a program in which a client, utilizing a URL string brings a XML file from the webserver. This is not a problem right whether it were an easy URL without any security or no Content management systems (like Joomla) involved: Just place the exact URL string and also the client will get the file on the internet server, done.

But, wouldso would the procedure work when the URL is on my small site located on GoDaddy and taking advantage of a Joomla Content management systems?

Im attempting to know how exactly the same procedure for fetching personal files creates a located server utilizing a Content management systems. Since I Have just made the transition from the site standing on my school's servers to getting a Joomla website Im hosting on goDaddy.

I am talking about where would I place the file basically likewise want the file to become accessible only when the customer authenticates itself first. Simply to be safe and sound. I am talking about is how normally things operate in mobile applications? I've got a client program thats a apple iphone application and inside the application I've got a XML file which is often used like a databases for my UITavleView, but I wish to check some URL to ascertain if an up-to-date version from the XML file is available. My application side programming is mainly done, now Im learning the server side things I have to do in order to get this to process happen with Joomla and my very own located site

I donot know how would the procedure work for the reason that situation. I am talking about, do you know the a few things i will have to do around the server side to and also the client side to make this a reality?

Help me understand or maybe you can point me with a links where these steps are highlighted...or maybe you can produce some Google key phrases I'm able to look for to discover this method.


Because you possess a Content management systems doesn't generally change the way you access personal files inside the file structure of the domain unless of course the Content management systems safeguards certain sites. Within this situation, Joomla doesn't so that you can directly access any file you want. With respect to the sensitivity from the information you are attempting to retrieve, you are able to safeguard your directory using your domain management panel. When not particularly sensitive, the authentication can be achieved through the application because the URL you're being able to access can be simply hidden in the user.

It appears like that might be the easiest solution because the application will get access to user information by character of where it resides.