How can i learn more concerning the fields and codes in Apache's FTP logs?

I'm interested in exactly what the "189" here means and also the "a _ o r" also.

Sun Jul 04 14:29:37 2010 0 189 /foo/bar/baz.php a _ o r ftp 1 * c

My google-foo unsuccessful me in finding this data.

How can i educate yourself on these codes?

Thought it was for you personally, appeared strangely familiar to wu-ftpd format:

189 = filesize
a = ascii transfer
_ = no special action
= outgoing
r = authenticated user

Still don't think it's Apache, however :P

I looked and unsuccessful too. However I could make an informed guess:

  • the 189 appears like a quality, as observed in a directory.
  • the a _ o appears like some Unix file permissions: All, Group, Other . The Group permission is definitely an underscore may imply that the file doesn't have group permissions.
  • the r? It might mean "read only". But I am really speculating there.