I want a database that may be saved network drive and allows multiple customers (as much as 20) for doing things with no server software.

I am thinking about MS Access or Berkeley DB.

Are you able to share your knowledge about file databases?
Which have you use, have you have issues with it?

I recommend SQLite since the entire database is saved in one file, also it quite securely handles multiple customers being able to access it simultaneously. You will find a number of different libraries which you can use for the client application and there's no server software needed.

Among the talents is it imitates SQL servers so carefully that if you want to convert by using a database file to some full-fledged SQL Server, much of your queries inside your client will not have to change. You'll simply need to migrate the information to the brand new server database (that we would not be surprised if you will find programs to transform SQLite databases to MySQL databases, for instance.)

I truly don't believe that file-based databases can scale past six customers. The final time I'd an Access database (of course it was a long time ago) I needed to work really challenging results for 8-9 people.

It really is much simpler to set up Ubuntu with an old junk computer with PostgreSQL or MySQL. That is what I needed to do even if I stored my Access front-finish.

Watch out for any file based database, they all are likely to achieve the same problems. Your circumstances really requires a customerOrHost solution.

From SQLite FAQ

A great guideline is you should stay away from SQLite in situations in which the same database is going to be utilized concurrently from many computer systems on the network filesystem.


Access could be a bitch. Ive experienced the positioning where i needed to bypass and tell 20-50 individuals to close access and so i may go to "design mode" to alter the style of the forms and perhaps a column. A real drag whatsoever. (Old access, also it could just be a poor setup)

Ayende was lately attempting to make an identical decision, and attempted a lot of so-known as embedded databases. Hopefully his observations will help you.

I've been using Access for a while and in a number of situations, including on-line. I've discovered that Access is effective if it's correctly setup based on the guidelines. One benefit of Access is it includes my way through one package: Forms, Query Building, Reviews, Database Management, and VBA. Additionally, it utilizes other Office programs. The Access 2007 runtime could be acquired free of here, making distribution less costly. Access is unquestionably unacceptable for big procedures, but it ought to be quite appropriate for 20 customers. EDIT: Microsoft puts the amount of concurrent customers at 255.