I have written a script that takes the review of a purchase and stores in into an XML file, except the issue is that I'm not going individuals to have the ability to open the XML file within their browser, clearly.

I am located on the very dodgy shared server with limited capabilities: no SSH, to begin with.

It is possible to place I'm able to put this file to ensure that PHP will still have the ability to read/email it, but browsers will not have the ability to reach it?

Ordinarily, I'd produce a folder outdoors the document root and set it there, however i obtain a "Permission refused" message after i try that.

The folders which are you will find:

  • anon_ftp
  • bin
  • cert
  • cgi-bin
  • conf
  • error_paperwork
  • etc
  • httpdocs
  • httpsdocs
  • pd
  • private
  • statistics
  • subdomains
  • web_customers

PHP can't access the file when it is within the private folder. Would this be possible using .htaccess?

You can produce a directory that contains a .htaccess file that appears something similar to the next:

Deny all

This can instruct Apache to not serve files from that directory any tries to access your directory or its contents is going to be met having a "403 Forbidden" response in the server.

Note: This is dependent upon the host not getting removed Limit in the listing of options within their AllowOverride directive most shared hosts should not possess a reason to get this done.

I labored around it by putting the XML file during my httpdocs folder, but added b .htaccess file with this particular inside it:

<Files ~ "myfile.xml">

    Order allow,deny

    Deny all


Could not you request the shared-host company to produce an outdoors-web-root folder for you personally? I have certainly carried this out previously.