I am considering C/C++ libraries (Win/Linux) that let me synchronize information over network. I wish to run multiple cases of my program (on different PC's), and wish to synchronize files in your area rather than being able to access files remotely within the network in a single location.

If all instances will be to maintain DB consistency it must also bee conscious of any message delivery errors, so an ack mechanism is essential.

I happened into a few solutions, but I am still trying to puzzle out what my best answer could be.

Any suggestions are appreciated and you can request about any clarifications.


I have been considering enet and UDT does anybody has any experience with them?


I believe the look space for this type of factor is fairly huge, however it brought to mind a kinda awesome library I saw yesterday, VAST. The concept is it's a spatially-symbolized distributed publish/subscribe model. Maybe it's adaptable for your purpose.

Another factor that's most likely immediately helpful if you're most thinking about file synchronisation -- librsync. It implements the rsync delta formula, through the looks.