Searching for suggestions on file system management tools. We've several terabytes of images, ebooks, stand out sheets, etc.

We are searching at some kind of software that can help us to handle, archive, etc the pictures.

We do not store all of the files information inside a database however, many are and that we were wishing to maybe locate an application that may allow us to integrate the archive process in to the database.


I've always seen these men within the trade magazines. In my opinion they have existed lengthy before even Google. Unsure if this sounds like what you are searching for.

If a few of the information is saved on disks possibly searching application is much more appropriate. You should use google, microsoft search or similar program.

Some database items (e.g., Oracle) offer file system-like storage that you could put files into. Becasue it is an Oracle-handled file system, you've all of the Oracle backup and management facilities. Becasue it is personal files system, you simply use regular OS tools like cp to maneuver files interior and exterior it.

The very best practice is to save lots of RDBMS on large BLOBS of information the RDMBS can't use. make use of the database for names, dates and stuff it handles well. The particular image file or spreadsheet file could be left in regular filesystem world. Should you choose this, you do not have lots of effort or complexity -- you are just collecting essential info on your files.

You do not duplicate storage (the spreadsheet is just an regular file). You do not put large objects within the database that can not be processed through the database.

The file product is faster, simpler and much more reliable compared to database. You can utilize it for bulk storage. The database has awesome search abilities. Make use of the database just for that.

to explain i suppose i ought to say all of the files take presctiption file servers but you will find references to a number of them within the DB (upload logs, etc) therefore we were just wishing maybe there have been some tools that will let's place it to ensure that whether it aged personal files inside a certain directory it might run some kind of sql command therefore the database could be up-to-date to understand the file was aged.

but just info. I believe we are just going to need to roll-our-own within this situation.

You can operate a job periodically to list out the files which have been put into the file system because the before the task was run. On Home windows, this batch file would list all files and folders in archivedirectory to ensure that you are able to compare their email list towards the before it had been run.

cd archivedirectory
del oldlist.txt
rename newlist.txt oldlist.txt
dir /s /b > newlist.txt

Should you install diffutils on Home windows, you should use the conventional diff tool to list out the brand new files. To isolate the brand new files:

diff oldlist.txt newlist.txt > newfiles.txt

Any lines in newfiles.txt beginning with > should now provide you with the new files. (You could utilize grep and sed to trim it lower much more. Home windows versions offered by gnuwin32) You need to now have the ability to run further procedures about this file, possibly in certain language for example Python, C# or Java, to include information towards the database.