I am searching for a means, with jQuery, to obtain the default worth of a port area (within an HTML area).

Appears not so difficult. Just calling $("#id-of-field").attr('value') should return the worthiness I am wanting right?

Factor is, when the value is Foo, after i load the page, it returns Foo. Not a problem there. But when I write Bar within the area, then reload (not submit) the page, $("#id-of-field").attr('value') will return me Bar, even when within the source code, the worthiness attribute from the area continues to be Foo.

Which makes validation of my form sticky, because after i get my default values to disregard them when the area is not filled, I possibly could obtain a real value within the mixture of "Values to become overlooked".

FYI, I can not make the values by hand, because the form is dynamic, and can't query directly the database since it is a Wordpress Website.

Do this


You could attempt -


Which should obtain the DOM defaultValue property that ought to provide you with the original worth of the textbox


Input fields possess the defaultValue DOM property that does exactly the thing you need.

Based on this answer, the jQuery (> 1.6.3) means to access it's


Alternatively, in pure JavaScript, e.g. -