I'm developing a web site to show details about an internet site like ip, location, coordinates, flag of country, dns records and much more. I handled to gather everything, however the only factor left is to locate who's hosting the web site.

I saw in whoishostingthis.com you could discover the title of datacenter or host associated with a domain which is what i needed. Used to do lots of research regarding how to collect that data, but nothing labored till now. I understand it has something related to reverse dns , however i dont understand how to obtain the title from the datacenter using reverse dns.

I possibly could just grab the title from the host from whoishostingthis.com using curl and extract the information, however i shouldn't do this as it can violate their tos or something like that. So, does anybody understand how to collect that data? Basically may find that anyhow (even utilizing a linux binary or something like that), i possibly could import that to php.

Any help could be appreciated. Thanks :)

EDIT: Simply to let everyone know, i attempted while using Peaceful API from arin, the main problem is it can show the business details about the ip addresses in the usa, but when it's outdoors the united states, it simply shows the regional IP authority. For instance, if put forth http://ip.nex.im/?q=wireshock.com , that is located in usa, it shows hostdime corporation, that is true, but when put forth http://ip.nex.im/?q=world wide web.ovh.co.united kingdom , it simply shows "RIPE Network Coordination Center". You can test other ip's http://ip.nex.im/?q=[IP OR DOMAIN]. And that i couldn't find an api for other regional ip government bodies like ripe varieties that may display the business that is the owner of the ip. Basically find something which works, i'll make a wide open api that anybody may use. And when anybody knows every other way, please reply. Thanks :)

The easiest method to understand this is by visiting the origin: ARIN

Obviously, you are able to only make educated guesses. Frequently occasions, the holder from the IP block is going to be some bigger Web service provider that the host company connects to.

I own WhoIsHostingThis.com. There's an API...

http://world wide web.whoishostingthis.com/our-api/

...so PM me/meail me and we'll enable you to get setup As soon as possible.