Does anybody possess some tips about the way i will find databases for random stuff that I might opt for during my application. For instance, a database of zipcode locations, area code metropolitan areas, vehicle engines, Ip locations, food calorie counts, book list, or whatever. I am just asking generally when you choose you'll need a couple of data where are a handful of great places to begin searching apart from google?


Sorry basically was unclear. It does not always have to be a database. Just something I possibly could dump right into a relational database just like a CSV file. I had been just listing some good examples of things I have needed previously. I usually find myself searching throughout Google for these kinds of things and am looking for a couple of places to appear first. Exist firms that just collect a lot of data on things then sell it or provide away?

You do not always require a database to begin. Many of the types of information you are listing will appear in delimited files (for example CSVs.) Any structured text file is going to do since posting woth most major database engines is sort of trivial. Actually, the raw data will not really appear in a db for your reason. E.g. after that you can imported in to the RDBMS of your liking and also the provider of this data need not be worried about a lot of different db formats.

If you wish to track the customers position this may well be a better way than the usual research table or perhaps a csv file.