I have produced a database a b table ("Mail") getting 2 posts: id INTEGER, content INTEGER. During my aplication I've examined the bond and delay pills work well.

using Finisar.SQLite;


string db = "mydatabase";
SQLiteConnectionsql_con = new SQLiteConnection("Data Source=" + db + ";Version=3;New=False;Compress=True;");

Following this I've affect the table "Mail" also it seem like this: id INTEGER, content INTEGER, accountid INTEGER. After I tryed the bond again the following error was show: UNSUPORTED Extendable. This suggest which i can't modify any table?

Please cause me to feel understand.


While it might not be needed, it's a good practise to title your database files by having an .db extension (like "mydatabase.db").

However, within this situation, it appears that changing your table through the SQLite(3? 2?).exe command, or perhaps an exterior administrator, turns your DB unreadable by Finisar's library. I counsel you to download the succesor from the SQLite .Internet library from Sourceforge, as it is suitable for the most recent SQLite version. Remember to import the machine.Information.SQLite.dll file to your project and to modify your references from Finisar.SQLite to System.Data.SQLite.

Also, should you install the ADO.Internet 2. libary, you might like to add design time support for Visual Studio 2008 which means you van edit tables through the server explorer.