I've arrived at the stage where I have made the decision to exchange my custom-built replication system having a system that's been built by another person, mainly for reliability reasons. Can anybody recommend any replication system that's worthwhile? Is FiBRE worthwhile?

Things I need may well be a little from a normal system, though. I've five departments with every getting it's own copy from the database, and also the master inside a remote location. The departments all have sporadic web connection, the actual is definitely online. The information needs to flow both to and from the actual, and therefore all departments have to be comparable to the actual (when web connection can be obtained), and also to upload changes made throughout network outage which are later given to other departments through the master.

The Ibphoenix site list replication tools

IbPhoenix Replication Tools

I have tried personally CopyCat to produce a replication project. It enables you make your own replication client/server configuration using CodeGear Delphi. This enables you complete flexibilty regarding the way you would like your replication to operate.

If you do not use Delphi, or require a prefabricated solution, CopyTiger does exactly the same factor already set up.

I've found IBReplicator by IBPhoenix to become probably the most complete, but you will find a lot more right here (with short explanations):