I've huge 1 GB log file. When I know, it shows errors during my site. However I absolutely do not get it.

I've plenty of rows such as this:

8x.xxx.45.10 x (my ip) - - [04/February/2011:09:59:48 -0500] "GET /publish?slaps=bbrfd HTTP/1.1" 404 278 "http://mywebsite.com/" "Mozilla/5. (Home windows U Home windows NT 6. en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/9..597.86 Safari/534.13"

Exactly what does it mean?

Thanks greatly.

That entry signifies that the request /post?slaps=bbrfd in your site wasn't found (404). The request originated from your IP, moved 278 bytes of information (the 404 error page's contents). The hyperlink that could not be located was clicked on on mywebsite.com, and also the relaxation is when the browser recognized itself. The 2 dashes are for "remote username", and "username as drenched in to the site". The remote username is extremely rarely present, because it necessitates the remote site running identd and would decelerate your website massively.

Appears like an access log file from Apache. Nothing related to PHP or MySQL. Looks the consumer got a 404 page when attempting to gain access to /publish?slaps=bbrfd

This could suggest the URL doesn't exist.