I'm renovating a php script to recieve a byte64 encoded image and store it to database

Here's my problem the script takes very very long time, sometimes as much as a few minutes, to reply when expensive calls the script(using a publish request)

(i test drive it having a really small image)

basically take away the byte64 encoded data in the request it loads fast, and when i call the script in the browser without any data it's fast

i attempted getting rid of all php script in the script file so no php operates, with data it's still slow.

My prediction is this fact is in some way server related, however i have no idea what this may be, apart from it has to happen before php operates.

and that i don't have any htaccess file on the website,

"basically take away the byte64 encoded data in the request it loads fast"

Which means you know precisely in which you problem reaches. Test the queries, if they are not optimizable, store your images the standard way.

i wound up spinning the script to some normal upload after which store them as files, storing images in DB isn't good mojo, but was attempting to avoid needing to rewrite the intire script at that time :)

but interesting time!