I've got a wordpress site in which the content area is 960px wide. I've got a slide out panel which i have coded in to the site however when i float it right it only goes right from the 960px content area. How do you have it right hands side from the browser window outdoors from the content area. Sugestions...ideas?

It has been remedied

My new problem is the fact that my slide out panel is behind my pages content if this 35mm slides out.

this is a connect to the css for that slide out panel



.my-slide-panel {
    right:-200px; /* change 200 to whatever your actual panel size  */


Make certain that .my-slide-panel is within container which has position understood to be relative or absolute.

Regarding the sailed element behind your articles, consider using a greater Z-index (as pointed out above), but remember that when the submissions are Expensive, you have to give a parameter when calling the expensive:

yourSWFObject.addParam("wmode", "transparent");

See http://www.ozzu.com/website-design-forum/placing-div-over-flash-t25572.html for any discussion onto it.

This is a good tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/Css/css_positioning.asp

Find out if it will the thing you need.

use fixed or absolute position...