Hello there I'm using Fluent Nhibernate and Let me write tests for my mappings as proven below.

I've got a scenario where I've got a User class along with a UserProfile class

The Consumer class is definitely an entity and also the UserProfile is really a value type, there's single:1 relationship between your two.

Wouldso would I test the mappings according to this? Will I write separate tests for User and UserProfile? or Can i write an evaluation for User that maps the profile simultaneously? Thanks

public void can_correctly_map_customer()
    new PersistenceSpecification<Customer>(Session)
    .CheckProperty(c => c.Id, 1001)
    .CheckProperty(c => c.FirstName, "John")
    .CheckProperty(c => c.LastName, "Doe")

Persistence specification testing

Begin to see the section on testing references.