I am webmaster and that i use Apache placed on my PC. Lately I purchased a brand new laptop. I must focus on 2 computer systems. Usually, after i am in your own home, on PC, but sometimes, when I'im on laptop.

I have trouble with synchronization of those 2 computer systems, particularly apache htdocs and mysql.

I believed about virtual machine but it's really complicated. My second idea was synchronization htadocs by dropbox, however it does not solve problem of mysql.

Did anybody has similar problem? What solution will be the very best in your opinion?

Perhaps you have attempted wamp?


  1. for mysql synchronization simple option would be a dump. i personally use Sypex Dumper witch let it create tasks as well as give them a call through command line.
  2. for files might be svn be a high quality one. (not to lost information when both edited files)