So I am wondering how browsers treat demands for images. I am wishing to utilize a cdn for serving product images on my small website. I'd like to make use of the cdn for serving button images and pictures utilized in my css.

The issue with this particular is the fact that I do not have total control within the expires headers (Rackspace files is exactly what I am considering).

See, say I've got a large image file like a background on my small webpage. Therefore the page is utilized frequently, however the image stays exactly the same. May be the browser likely to request this picture each time?

Or must i only use a cdn for my product images?

caching is very an extensive subject. It is best to begin by reading through concerning the different types of caching here http://world wide web.mnot.internet/cache_paperwork/#BROWSER and just how caching works here http://world wide

Now, to reply to your question: presuming the consumer has caching enabled and also the cdn response headers are correctly set up a person going to your page multiple occasions is only going to request that background image once before the cache expires or individuals files are washed.

No, AFAIK you'll need always to include the 'cache' header for your images make it possible for browser caching. This is a superb tutorial about this.

Furthermore read this article from Yahoo to obtain a very brief look at the subjects.

Review specifically these subjects of this article:

  • Minimize HTTP Demands
  • Add an Expires or perhaps a Cache-Control Header
  • Make use of a Content Delivery Network

Hope it will help you