Through good research, I haven't yet look for a obvious answer.

I understand that you could set headers to cache specific extensions for example .digital, .png, .js, etc. But no where have I discovered if you're able to target a folder or perhaps a specific file to cache around the client browser.

Here's our senario: we've massive sprites (up within the 1000's of pixels) that hold the majority of the images on our website. You want to embrace the neighborhood caching around the client browser but simultaneously wish to specify what folders or specific files should make use of the browser cache (not only the general apache headers).

Is possible? If that's the case, how will it best be implemented?

Would this article help?

So you'd have something similar to:

<Directory "/website/path/to/images">

    and within here can target extensions too

    <FilesMatch "\.(gif|jpg|png)$">