among the finest to understand about the files and folder structure for any site the industry wordpress plugin oriented like wordpress or joomla. my requirement would be to create a site and wish to increase the functions via wordpress plugin or something like that like features.

things i require is to simply add and extra information or functional periods as with wordpress we are able to use All-in-one Search engine optimization packages it'll bypass the title plus some additional information. as well as other features like Related content is proven at the end of the particular article body. aam speaking in regards to a structure of wordpress.

does anyone know please tell me. hope everybody understood my qustion too. thanks.

I believe you will find many possible solutions.

It could rely on:

  • scalablity (what size would you like it to aid plug ins and perform the reuse areas of one another?)
  • vibility (how if the wordpress plugin address become visible within the url?)
  • deployment (who are able to add new plug ins? could it be open for everybody or simply licensed designers)

You can choose:

world wide ins/some_module/

But let's say the plug ins arent plug ins but becomes default area of the system later on?

Then it might be more logical to give them a call what they're like:

world wide

However you can find into issues with plug ins title like exisiting system folders. So that you would want some "reserved" listing of foldernames to avoid that.

You might choose:

But that will requiere your webadmin or webserver to aid multiple aliases for just one website however, this arhictecture will bring scalability, since you could move the modules with other webhosts afterwards. Nevertheless its also more costly operate in the expansion + its hard to really make it "user/developer controlled" because this could grow.

You can take a look at how FaceBook is handling Programs too. Thats a wordpress plugin interface too. Slow, but implemented.