So there is a site i have been requested to check out and that i can't appear to determine why it only looks bad in safari. It appears fine in each and every other browser to date and that i can't decipher it. The issue happens within the footer from the document. Here's the hyperlink... (I SWEAR It Isn't MY DESIGN :-))!!! Thanks!

It appears like you possess an extra </div> somewhere should you consider the source in safari it's outdoors from the #container. However in Chrome it's inside. The container is exactly what is holding anything else in. Make sure all of your closing div's and take away the additional one.

Fix your code errors, such as the missing ending tags, like </div>, </body> and </html> among other errors most likely all missing from footer.php. See [Invalid] Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator. Scroll lower within the validation are accountable to see line amounts and source code.

I do not think coords are supported in Safari:

use permanently (margin possibly)?