I wish to have the ability to run WSGI applications but my current hosting limits it. Does anybody know a business that may accommodate my needs?

My automatic response could be WebFaction.

I've not personally located together, but they're mainly Python-oriented (founded through the guy who authored CherryPy, for instance, and so far as I understand these were the first one to unveil Python 3. support).

I'm a large fan of Slicehost -- you receive root use of an online server that can take a couple of minutes to set up from stock OS images. The 256m slice, that has been enough for me personally, is US$20/mo -- it's less than keeping a classic box blocked in, and simple to support. Super easy to recommend.

I've been using WebFaction for a long time and incredibly pleased with the service. They're not only python oriented. You need to have the ability to run anything inside the restrictions of hosting that is shared (unless of course obviously you've got a devoted server).

They're most likely not the least expensive hosting service though. I'm not sure the costs. However I can continue to remember perfectly these host company was unreachable for any week (not their servers, I am talking about the folks).

I have been pretty pleased with Dreamhost, not to mention Google AppEngine.

Google Application engine and OpenHosting.com

Have virtual server by OpenHosting, they're ultra fast with support and also have high uptime.

Take a look at http://pythonplugged.com/

They are attempting to collect info on Python hosting companies using variuos technologies (CGI, FCGI, mod_python, mod_wsgi, etc)