Let us say you'd a table such as this

id title
1 foo   
2 bar   

There's a originality constraint around the 'name' column.

How does one set #2's title to foo, and #1's title to close?

I understand you can most likely just assign temporary names to both then stick within the preferred names, but that doesn't appear such as the easiest way.

I'm using Hibernate, so any Hibernate-specific methods could be nice. This appears just like a problem that affects all RDBMSes generally though.

In Sql Server you can update both of them simultaneously:

UPDATE table
SET Name = CASE WHEN ID = 1 THEN 'bar' ELSE 'foo' END
WHERE ID IN ( 1, 2 )

In SQL Server and Oracle, constraints are deferred, this is exactly why you simply problem this question:

UPDATE  mytable
SET     name = CASE name WHEN 'foo' THEN 'bar' ELSE 'foo' END
WHERE   name IN ('foo', 'bar')

As recommended in comments, it appears that you're by using this in MySQL to keep an purchased list (which was before I experienced this issue).

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