I have attempted searching for a solution elsewhere however the documentation on XMLParser in Joomla is actually poor. Essentially, I am just attempting to extract data from nodes inside a XML file. If anybody could show me what's wrong with my syntax I'd be thankful:

$path    = "uploaded_xmls/" . $_FILES["file"]["name"];

        $xml =& JFactory::getXMLParser('Simple');

        $user = & JFactory::getUser();

        if($user->id && $xml->loadFile($path)) {            
            foreach( $xml->document->track as $track ) {
                $track_id = $track->getElementByPath('id');
                $track_type = 's';              

JFactory::getXMLParser('simple') returns a

"PHP4 compatible implementation from the PHP5 interface SimpleXML"

based on the doc block.

I can not tell out of your code snippet what's going wrong (and also you haven't really specified), therefore it can also be an problem for that format from the XML file.

You'd most likely be best using JFactory::getXML($data, $isFile) that is just simplexml_load_XXXX inside a wrapper. ie. $data could be either your XML or perhaps a road to the XML file and also you set the boolean $isFile accordingly.

The greatest advantage, obviously, is the fact that simplexml has plenty documentation and good examples/