I am trying to puzzle out how you can store a mix of id fields like a foreign type in another table. For instance, say TableA has 5 rows -- Ids 1-5.

Without needing a comma separated area it is possible to way I'm able to make rows in TableB based off different mixtures of TableA's ids? For instance rows[1,3], rows[2,3], rows[1], rows[2,3,4] -- the one thing tossing me off is most commonly it is a flexible quantity of row ids that i'm assembling.

Is really a comma separated area the only method to make this happen?

Thank you for any help or pointers...

You are explaining a many-to-many relationship between TableA and TableB. You need to introduce another table to solve this. This new table includes two foreign secrets, one referencing the ID from TableA and something from TableB.

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You can split the entity in TableB into multiple rows. Then TableB would seem like:

create table TableB (
  idA int,
  idB int,
  primary key (idA, idB)
  foreign key (idA) references TableA(idA)

So that your good examples in TableB could be:

idA  |  idB
1    |  1
3    |  1
2    |  2
3    |  2
1    |  3
2    |  4
3    |  4
4    |  4