I have to install PHP 5.3.x (ideally x >= 4) on Home windows box running Apache. Regrettably, within the PHP downloads page, I am unable to find any PHP 5.3.x put together with VC6. So...

  • Can One make use of the VC9 binaries on Apache?
  • If that's the case, how? Must i do anything whatsoever special?

In the release announcement:

Home windows customers: please mind that people do no more provide develops produced with Visual Studio C++ 6. It's impossible to keep a top quality and safe build of PHP for Home windows by using this unmaintained compiler.

For Apache SAPIs (php5_apache2_2.dll), ensure that you make use of a Visual Studio C++ 9 version of Apache. We advise the PHP develops as provided by ApacheLounge. For just about any other SAPI (CLI, FastCGI via mod_fcgi, FastCGI with IIS or any other FastCGI capable server), everything works as before. 3rd party extension companies must rebuild their extensions to create them compatible and loadable using the Visual Studio C++9 develops that people no more provide.


http://www.apachelounge.com/viewtopic.php?t=2743 - Within this thread, they are saying that using VC9 PHP isn't suggested whatsoever with VC6 Apache, despite the fact that it could work on first. They do not say why.

http://windows.php.net/qa/ - Here, additionally they condition to not use PHP5.3 VC9 with Apache put together with VC6 (as well as don't condition why).

It would be better to change your Apache towards the VC9 version: http://www.apachelounge.com/download/

I am fairly sure you are able to install the VC9 versions of Apache from http://www.apachelounge.com/download/ and they'll use the five.3.x VC9 develops.