Morning all,

I developed my clients website on my small test domain and first got it working perfectly (with some help from the stackoverflow crew). But, the moment I transfered it to my clients domain (that is on a single webspace as my test domain I would add) the shape eliminate.

Here's my test domain using the site onto it:

And here you go around the clients URL:

The Javascript that calls the procedure.perl is at the HTML.

Thank you ahead of time for just about any light anybody can shed about this.


Should you access process.php around the test server, it results the wanted data. However, should you choose it alternatively one - well, you receive the files contents rather.

You might like to look and verify that php is switched on for that (ie its sites).

I notice you do not use event.preventDefault() inside your #submit click handler. This means that additionally towards the ajax request you may be getting the shape submit occur. Apart from adding preventDefault() I do not use whatever difficulties with the code.

Take a look link

Above link executes well since php is working fine .

Then try the next link

You can observe that it is installing the procedure.perl not performing. What this means is PHP isn't focusing on this server or set up improperly . Make certain the server is capable of doing performing php scripts .