I am creating a wordpress theme, but I am stuck in formatting the only.perl. I've during my posts a slideshow wordpress plugin that is load with the_content() function, togheter using the text from the publish, with the_title() load the title.

that seen such as this:


<div id=post>the_content</div>

the issue is, I want personalize what it is display.

I want display:


<div id=post>


the text


I attempt to achieve that with add_filters however i wasn't lucky.

I think you'll can understand my explanation, if you want more particulars, just let me know.

Thanks in advanced.

You need to simply alter the host to in which the functions sit. Such as this:

<div id=post>
    <span><?php the_title(); ?></span>
    <?php the_content(); ?> 

Edit: I misinterpreted the description from the problem. Here's my answer since I realize what the issue is:

The wordpress plugin utilizes a hook for the_content function. Should you look inside all of the php-files inside wp-content/plugins/your-plugin you will see personal files with this particular code:


This informs wordpress to operate the function some-function-name each time the function the_content operates. So you have to search for the some-function-name to learn how to personalize the output.

If customers can also add wordpress plugin components to posts within the editor, they're usually added via shortcodes.

If that is the situation together with your wordpress plugin, you can include it with apply_filters(). Here's a good example of how you can give a slideshow in the popular nextgen gallery wordpress plugin outdoors the publish content:

    $slideshow = apply_filters('the_content', '[slideshow id=1]' );
    echo $slideshow;

The above mentioned code could be added into single.php, any static page's page template file or straight into header.php to show on all pages. Should you specify the wordpress plugin you are using, I'll update the solution accordingly.

Whether it should indeed be known as directly using a function, I second Ancide's answer.