My host :

My setup : I've my primary domain along with a sub domain located around the Linux host.

Things I need : Sub domain (presently on Linux host) ought to be pointed to what .Internet site located on MS Business hosting on 1and1. What's the easiest way of achieving it?

Things I did to date : Used Frame redirect (from Sub domain to .Internet site) and my client is pissed that Search engine optimization will require popular. And that he is calling us a lousy programmer!

Suggestions, comments, solutions greatly appreciated.


What is the problem`?



Point towards the Ip from the home windows host. Setup home windows host to respond to


Client shouldn't phone you a lousy programmer - but someone with no clue about how exactly website technology works, internet smart. Observe that this really is not the same as Programming, it essentially points for your administration abilities (DNS, server setup etc.).

I do not believe 1and1 stop you from correctly controlling your DNS. This FAQ appears to point a reasonably wide group of features that you would expect from the webhost, including having the ability to configure your sub-domain: kingdom/domain names/dns_configurations/index.html

Choose your domain by checking this area around the domain tab, then click the DNS button.

Edit DNS configurations

Title Server* : My Title Server after which type in the information for:

Primary title server Secondary title server
first secondary title server
second secondary title server
3rd secondary title server

You need to have the ability to do this not a problem. It can be the truth that IIS is associated with a Linux package? But that should not really make a difference whatsoever. It's simply sending the DNS to the following host.

I switched to their Vps because I'm able to host multiple domain names, full ASP.internet control (ports, etc, no trust issues), and since I physically edit my SQL database instead of use their junk SQL web interface.