I've got a database filled with reviews of numerous items. My task would be to perform various calculation and "create" another "database/xml-export" with aggregated data. I'm considering writing command line programs in python to achieve that. However I have a friend did this before and that i realize that there's some free python solution or similar which most likely gives much more interesting "aggregated data" i quickly may possibly think off.

The issue is I do not fully realize much relating to this area other then fundamental data manipulation from command line nor I understand do you know the terms I ought to use to even look for this factor.. I'm not really searching for some scientific/visualization stuff (not too I do not mind when the tool provides), something simple to begin with and progressively see/develop stuff things i need.

My only requirement is either the "finish aggregated data" maintain a database or export as XML file no proprietary stuff. Its a little robust then my python scripts when i suffer from "lots" of information across 4 machines.

Any hint where must i start my research?


What type of analysis are you currently attempting to do?

If you are examining text have a look in the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK).

If you wish to index and check the information, have a look in the whoosh internet search engine.

Please provide more detail on which type of analysis you are searching to complete.

Appears like you're searching for a Data Integration solution.
One suggestion may be the free Kettle project area of the Pentaho suite.
For python, a fast search produced PyDI and SnapLogic