I want free database will be able to ship with my commercial application. It shouldn't have installation (i.e., no window service with no setup).

It may be single user database. It will operate in Home windows atmosphere and used from Java code.


I like SQLite. Technology-not only with java via SQLiteJDBC. It's very good embedded database. For Java, it may be simpler to make use of Derby though.

You could also want to check out HSQL and H2, that are both free embedded databases designed in Java.

Firebird Embedded - just needs handful of DLL files and you've got full database with you. Have used it for a long time. How to use it in Java

Consider SQLite. I've not tried on the extender, but I have had applications that stated for doing things, and that i could not differentiate.

What about SQLite? It's good performance, with one user it's not necessary to be worried about concurrency.