does anybody know a totally free service for hosting public and private git databases?

You will find lots of services like for instance the well-known github. Many of them only allow hosting of public databases. I wish to host a number of of my private programming projects using git, but not every one of them ought to be public (a minimum of not for the time being).

I additionally found the free service GitFarm that is build while using Google Application Engine technology, however i could not find any information how it operates (have no idea what "built on the internet Application Engine technology" means) or if you will find every other restrictions. Plus it seams like there's no web front-finish available.

A built-in web front-finish, bug tracker and that would be also a large plus!

Project Locker offers free private Git(or SVN)+Trac hosting for five customers as much as 500MB.

https://world wide

Unfuddle is free of charge for straightforward projects, while offering numerous upgrade options. You are able to build Subversion or git-based databases, and contains a reasonably robust ticket-monitoring system that combines together with your commit messages.

So far as I understand, they don't have a public archive hosting option, but this is an excellent selection for private only. You could clone to a different location as needed.

I'd have a look at GitEnterprise. It provides private databases, https/ssh secure access, fine grained level security and full web admin. Right now it provides a totally free plan with limitless repos, disk space as much as 1GB and 10 customers.

Warning: this particular service is git-specific, which means you will not have any other fancy items like bugtracker, wikis et al. Also no adverts atm :)

Have a look at Gitorious.

I believe you could utilize a combo private/public. Have no idea a high quality one which does both free of charge.


Public the very best certainly is



Private you could utilize:


Let us remember Assembla.

Additionally, there are Beanstalk... they provide a forex account with 1 private repo (100MB) for 3 customers.

See my wiki Comparison of free private repository hosting services, that has detailed comparison tables and may be edited by anybody. Not every one of individuals listed offer public repos too, quite a few them do.

For any fundamental repo (no wiki or tickets) you should use it provides fundamental hosting (limitless) and reflecting of git projects, runs with cgit.