Within our organization we do not have any intranet web site to share the informationOrinfo over the organization.

The data might be:

HR Related Information [E.g.: HR Guidelines, Company Occasions etc., New Joiner’s Information etc. etc.]

Application Developments Related Information [E.g.: Building a course on Catching, Lucene Search etc. etc.]

So can you please suggest any free source software program that is built on Home windows that will assist the above mentioned purpose? Please offer the reference link.

Thank You,



Home windows Sharepoint Services, as mentioned, is free of charge as well as for what it really does at this cost, an excellent option.

SharePoint Server, as mentioned, isn't free, and, IMHO, overkill and way overpriced most of the time for small org needs.

Free of charge tools, I'd really you will want PHP running around the Home windows Server. Which will open your option list hugely to incorporate a variety of free WIKIs, Bug monitoring systems, Content management systems items, Blogging engines, etc.

This most likely goes on ServerFault, but you should use Home windows SharePoint Services for this type of task. Whether it becomes something broadly used you want to get money into then consider Sharepoint Server for any better quality solution.

This really is my personal favorite:


It's bug monitoring, WIki, Forum

which is free.

if you prefer a non free solution - Sharepoint 2007 may well be a good tool.

You will find plenty of choices: Use a Content management systems like Joomla or Drupal Use a Wiki tool like MediaWiki or Dekiwiki You should use SharePoint server ( fundamental version comes free with Home windows Server 2003 - check me about this)

You can observe an thorough list here: For Content management systems: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_content_management_systems

For Wikis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wiki_software

Word Of Mouth and Experience I made use of Joomla and DekiWiki for at 2 companies, and attempted a lot of others: Drupal, TikiWiki, MediaWiki, Cayahoga, Xoop, etc.

I love DekiWiki probably the most - for the simplicity, extensibility, features. It's free and they've a totally free and GPLed edition, but when you need assistance - you could select from their compensated support. ( These were also number 1 project on SourceForge sooner or later). They've a company version, but to tell the truth after using Community version for several months inside a atmosphere about 150 customers - I truly aren't seeing the necessity to upgrade.

Also yet another factor: I made use of these power tools in large corp. conditions - even though for private use I love RedMine ( redmine.org) , lots of customers - find DekiWiki probably the most clear to see and employ.

Also DekiWiki search is dependant on Lucene.