I'm searching for some free JSP hosting, which have support for:


2.JDK 1.6

3.Might have Apache Tomcat

4.a couple of MySQL databases


Interesting help

BTW. Sorry for my british (I'm from Czech)

Google Application Engine support for Java is within an earlier look phase now.

Be super careful with "free" options or ones which are so low-listed they appear too good to be real. Make certain they can provide you with a straight response to the next:

  • what CPU and memory quota are you going to get?
  • what's going to they are doing should you exceed that quota?
  • have they got a obvious upgrade path should you decide you'll need a greater quota later?

With most of the cut-cost hosting sharks, the response to the initial question is basically "incredibly lowInch, and also the response to the 2nd real question is "they'll just disable your website unexpectedlyInch, and also the response to the 3rd real question is sometimes "you need to purchase another devoted server".

Keep in mind that the price of needing to move webhost later and re-configure and re-write items of the application to match the brand new atmosphere may far over-shadow investing a couple of dollars per month in the start!

Not this type of factor as free hosting. If you discover one, be very wary about this. See this question for many real (but compensated) options.