I'm a freelance developer doing small PHP jobs. I am searching for a hosting website where I possibly could host my demos/examples of their projects and so i could link my clients there.

If you are a PHP developer you ought to have your personal site. You will find a lot of cheap hosts available for less than $10 per month that will suit you fine.

You have access to a pleasant hosting package (They normally choose $10 or more), after which create sub domain names in which you host a demo/sample. This will help you to possess a clean hyperlink to point your customers to, give your company some advertisement along with a official website for your clients. For instance newsite.myfantasticwebstudio.com .

This could save you some money as you simply need 1 hosting package, which you'll upgrade as you become bigger.

Only a idea...

You should use dyndns.org and also have server on any your personal machine much like your development machine.

2 suggestions:

AWS provides you with a totally free virtual server for 12 months..

http://aws.amazon . com.com/free/

or, apparently you are able to run php applications on Google's Application engine:

http://world wide web.webdigi.co.united kingdom/blog/2009/run-php-on-the-google-application-engine/