Apologies if this sounds like a replica question.

I'm searching for a totally free private online Bazaar source host. Does anybody are conscious of any? I'd a fast look also it appears you will find plenty of Git, Mercurial, and SVN options, but no Bazaar?

EDIT: Simply to clarify, when I only say "private" I am talking about within the sense that you will get one's own repository where one can grant use of people you select.

Bazaar can host branches over FTP. If you have free private FTP hosting technology-not only free of charge private bzr repository.

http://launchpad.internet - free bazaar hosting... but I'm not sure exactly what do you mean by access - I believe that's has same functionalisty as github (we're utilizing it dealing with Moovida) however i am less than sure.

Two choices for you :

The realy private, with team support :

  • Make use of a private sftp server. If you have an internet host you most likely can apply it this. You may also serve an individual sftp server on your pc (for instance with pure-ftp or vsftpd who're quick to create on the unix like machine).

The private sandbox , without team :

  • At Launchpad ! You are able to freely make use of a personal "junk" repo at Launchpad, but without team support. Very helpful you are focusing on a starter project but don't want to write it to early. You may also apply it home<->work trades. See https://help.launchpad.internet/Code/PersonalBranches


Its the house of the ubuntu disto, nevertheless its available to host any project plus they use bazaar his or her primary VCS tool.

http://bzr.bz (my project) provides private bzr hosting

it isn't free but it is cheap enough