It is possible to free working python host which I'm able to live test a django application?

Google application engine isn't a choice.

Recommended by Django's wiki:

Only free (for 10 Megabytes) one listed there: http://world wide

Should you did not mean to exclude virtualized hosts, you should use the free VMWare Player then one like Ubuntu JeOS (70m lightweight os), also free. The ball player defaults to bridged networking to help you test out your Django installation in your area or remotely provided you forward ports correctly. The package names for Django dependencies on JeOS could be python-psycopg2 (for postgres) or python-mysqldb, and python-support.

See - the only real free has already been pointed out here AlwaysData, but you'll find a lots of cheap options. WebFaction and appears to become good (and cheap) options to begin with.

new kid on the market! HelioHost

I've already registered Time will inform what arrives of the. Looks too good, gotta say!

These men offer free Django hosting:

Haven't attempted them, but it is worth a go!?

free Python hosting at

Regrettably, I believe there's no free django hostings, a minimum of with public status.

You can test to locate something not costly here or here.

No AD, only personal expertise: Amongst others, I love Ukrainian hoster TopHost (, they've no british page, so write directly, their Django tariff 11$/month, plus they give 2 free month for year, if you are hosting python project.

Anybody ever attempted x10Hosting? I remember when i opened up a forex account together, but never got around to really implementing my Django application (said to be an internet-based game) until they canceled my account (the free account requires you to definitely sign in for their forum at least one time every two days).