I've some simple Ruby scripts to operate like a background job. They're within an infinite while loop to watch exterior database changes. Can someone recommend a host company that may get it done free of charge to begin?

I checked out AWS and also the EC2 micro instance is really a great fit for that newbie. Anything equivalent past the newbie?

I Quickly checked out Heroku. It appears a hack and overkill to make use of Postponed Job within the Rails framework.

Google Application Engine is another good fit as lengthy like me prepared to rewrite my Ruby scripts to Python.

More background on my small project. I'm using CouchDB + CouchApp. It takes some exterior scripts to watch new customers register and send forget password emails.

I'm not sure about free, but there's SimpleWorker, which allows you offload processes (and apparently schedule them as well!) for their cloud infrastructure.

Is it possible to setup an always on machine in your home? It's most likely likely to be just like reliable as hosting it having a free tier provider.