I've been using SQL Compare by Redgate inside my company and was very pleased with it. What are the free comparison tools which are similar? Or what can be my best shot for syncing two SQL db's with no compensated application

You can test using TableDiff , that included SQL Server 2005.

Tablediff Utility

SQL Server 2005 TableDiff Utility


xSQL Free Bundle

Much like RedGate's SQL Compare and free.

I'd exactly the same problem and wanted a totally free GUI base Schema comparer tool, things i found was Star Inix (http://www.starinix.com/sqlcompare02.htm). Clearly not just like Redgates offering, but it works.

Also, with Redgate Sql Compare, when the free trial has ended, should you go into the key as "i want additional timeInch (with no quotes) you are able to extend the trial with a further fourteen days.

I’ve been through this and couldn’t find anything comparable, free or else. $395 is an extremely small cost to cover the worthiness the tool brings and it'll probably purchase itself very rapidly in productivity gains and risk minimisation.

I normally choose the hackish but remarkably effective manner of installing the sys_information tables to text files and diffing all of them with your preferred diff program (by doing this may even allow you to compare 3 schemas!).

Take a look at Mighty Comparer. It's presently free. An expert version is under development.

You should use Database Comparer

Database Comparer is free of charge for non-commercial use.

We are able to recommend a reliable SQL comparison tool that provide 3 time’s faster comparison and synchronization of table data inside your SQL Server databases. It's dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server.

Primary advantages:

  • Faster comparison and synchronization of huge databases
  • Support of native SQL Server backup copies
  • Custom mapping of tables, posts, and schemas
  • Multiple choices to tune your comparison and synchronization
  • Producing comparison and synchronization reviews

Plus free 30-day trial and risk-free purchase with 30-day cash back guarantee.