What is the best free web-hosting service that may run server-side code that's something apart from PHP? I am attempting to host Java server engines, or JSP's and servlets, in addition to maybe Python, ASP, Perl, or Ruby based serverside scripts. All of the free hosts I've found appear simply to support PHP.

Can there be anything where I'm able to run possibly a Java-based game server in? It should be free. I am prepared to open-source my code.


How about gae?

There's a listing of free Java hosting sites at this website, but I'm not sure how good or reliable their email list and also the site are, so "caveat browsor"!-)

google applications engine just lately added java support, though its their very own flavor

"All of the free hosts I've found appear simply to support PHP."

This is exactly why they are free.

Most cheap hosting (notice, not free but cheap) allow you to more often than not run Python, Perl and Ruby too. If you would like free be prepared to get nothing for this in exchange.

In the listing of technologies inside your question I recieve the sense that you'd be most happy with your personal VPS at something similar to Slicehost or Amazon . com EC2, which is always not free.

There is available a listing of django friendly web hosting companies, among that are a couple of free hosts.