I have never invest in any freelance jobs on GetACoder, eLance, oDesk etc. I have only done sites for buddies and family so I have setup the hosting and also have carried out any updates that people needed following the initial design myself.

Yes, it most likely differs from job-to-job, but what's the typical arrangement for hosting and subsequent maintenance for any website design gig?

I am speaking concerning the jobs I see published that read such as this: "I want 5 page website for my band, should have contact page.Inch

Does the customer usually setup hosting? Does the bidder take proper care of it and make it in to the fee?


This ought to be clarified within the bid. However, since within this situation the customer is requesting an internet site, they most likely want the entire factor setup, including hosting. It's among individuals "we would like something, we now have no clue how to get it done, take proper care of everything for all of usInch job demands.

In most the RAC work Used to do (before I came across it had been a slave labor marketplace for purchasers who understood squat and wanted completely functional eBay clones for $15), I always specified the deliverables within the bid request, and provided options just in case I'd misinterpreted the bid.

As with every market places, it's sometimes beneficial to set up less bid with limited functionality making it obvious versions is going to be expense - this is correct whether you are a RAC coder or perhaps a multi-national putting in a bid for any huge government contract.

I'd condition which i could come up with the web site by myself provider for $X and band would result in finding provider with same facilities, or $X+Y, I'd do all (ensuring they are obvious that ongoing costs are their responsibility).

Aside: I made some money doing homework projects for kids who'll now do not be a menace to my employment prospects however it wasn't worthwhile ultimately. It's much as with the nags - you may make money in the track betting in it but only when you invest many hrs staring at the form. I'd prefer to spend that point with your family (well, shared between your family and thus :-).

The contractor usually offers the hosting account.

I normally keep your hosting cost separate within the invoice and then leave up towards the customer to determine if they would like to stay with their current hosting or let me organize all the hosting particulars. Typically I have found the client can pay the additional for that hosting cost unless of course they've some current obligations for their current hosting service.

Sean, Inside your discussions using the client, how can you detail the advantages of getting you organize the hosting particulars? How can you explain why they should not go using the least expensive host possible on they are own?

I put hosting as an ingredient as my needed materials for that construction, later I'll demonstrate to them a delivery of the acquired hosting.

also, when the needed hosting isn't that large, i'll just present them for "free" and employ a shared server, and add the worthiness within the whole cost

I charge them for hosting and merely do all of it. My point of view is you are supplying something, you may as well supply the whole service.