I'm attempting to upload my website to the server however i keep obtaining the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function phperror_reporting() in /home/jagani/public_html/theforum/forumfiles.php on line 1

First couple of lines from the file are:




Appears the space between your php and error_confirming is not being registered. I'd appreciate any insight about this problem.

While you stated, it may sound like an issue with the whitespace. If you have ssh access, I'd try developing a test php file by typing vi test.php after which putting the next code:




Try viewing that file and find out whether it works if that's the case, your issue is an encoding problem, that you have the ability to fix by running dos2unix around the affected file. Will it only affect that certain file (and/varieties) or perhaps is it any php file around the system?