Can anybody offer any suggestions about the easiest method to fully integrate a wordpress blog right into a magento store?

I've come across a variety of approaches of the integration (lazzymonkeys, sonassi etc), but none of them appear to completely integrate the whole blog, i.e. posts, groups, archives, search etc.

To date, I've produced a module that's basically a stand-alone blog with seperate blocks, remotes and templates for every area of the blog. Rather than using my very own models for that data though, I'm calling wordpress functions from the blocks to obtain the data after which building the templates according to this.

This process enables me to prevent depending on url re-creates and offers full treatments for this content and layout from the blog. Regrettably though, it takes lots of work building all the various facets of the wordpress blog in the magento store.

Essentially, I'm developing a blog in magento which utilizes data from the wordpress blog.

Is a great choice, or can anybody offer ideas on an easy method to approach this?

I havn't carried this out myself, but among the books I just read while learning magento covers whis in certain detail, Magento 1.3: PHP Developer's Guide

Hope this pointer helps.

I really hope this is helpful check it:

a reasonably new (and well-liked by over 3000 downloads) Magento module is Fishpig's Magento/WordPress Integration extension that does exactly what you would like. I have tried personally it on the couple of client sites and also have found it quite helpful. It combines every aspect from the WordPress blog, uses the Magento theme, supports WordPress plug ins and shortcodes (although support is just restricted to popular plug ins) and adds extra functionality like the capability to connected WordPress blogs with Magento items.

You are able to can download and simply the module in the link that follows (Magento Connect):

If you're not able to make use of Magento Connect, I believe the writer provides by hand download and installation instructions online (I can not recall the link but it will likely be around the Magento Connect page).