I am focusing on this project in which the client includes a virtual server setup. I installed apache and the like and also got everything working fine on localhost. However in order for this to exhibit on the internets, the folks running this virtual server needs me to:

"By trying and achieve 10...7:8000 you don't arrived at the index page but when you need to do localhost the index page is proven. You have to configure to ensure that it learns it´s Local IP 10...7."

Now i'm kinda a new comer to this court (I'm only a simple webdev that loves to put everything together localhost and uploads his stuff with regular ftp). I wager the answer is easy, however their hotline is closed since they're accross the atlantic. Can someone let me know how you can go round and do that? (I'm almost blushing because for my being unsure of). The virtual server is running on Home windows 2003 OS

In my opinion you need to think it is relatively simple to complete: Listen Directive

Visit the httpd.conf file inside your apache/conf dir and alter the main harbour and address within the listen directive as:

Listen 10...7:8000

Be sure to restart the service.