Can people assist why I get the next special character � during my WordPress content pages.

Unsure the way it got inside.

Any help could be great.


The browser renders this character once the bytes within the page don't match any valid character from the charset/encoding from the page.

For instance, "ö" (hex 0xf6 or ö) is really a valid character in ISO-8859-1 (Iso Latin 1) although not in UTF-8 for UTF-8, it should be encoded as two bytes.

To discover exactly what the character is really, search for the "encoding" or "charset" menu and switch to another one before the character becomes readable. Now guess what happens it had been initially. Then look into the source. The typical issue is that the program reads the information within the wrong encoding after which mangles the byte stream.

This could happen whenever you open the written text from the page within an editor and save it using the wrong charset or once the underlying database thinks you signal UTF-8 whenever you really send ISO-Latin-1, etc.