Simple question I am wishing, on Server A everything shows okay, but on Server B it shows the following

Hello, how's it going - Allo, comment vas-tu? Just how much will it cost? - Combien ´┐Ża coute? or Quel est le prix p...?

Before my client kills me - How do i fix that? :)

Probably your file is encoded in certain encoding (say Latin-1) as well as your web server is set up to announce another encoding within the HTTP header (say UTF-8), therefore the browser is misinterpreting the page's encoding. Make certain individuals two match, i.e. either improve your server to transmit the right HTTP header or scribe your files within the matching encoding. Because you have given no detail of either I can not let you know how to achieve that at length.

You should utilize these codes rather. I this situation I want the latin small letter c with cedilla written as


Use html codes you fint them here :

Or you might get it done having a function such as this

$text = "Mtss is a text with strange figures @#$%^&lifier*"

echo htmlentities($text)

or maybe the website is within UTF-8 charset

echo utf_decode($text)